Frank Casino has an astonishing 5 Welcome Gifts for you to get your hands on just by joing their Casino now! 

What Springs to mind when you think of Frank? Perhaps an East Londoner with husky voice and a spinning bow tie? Well fortunately that is not what it means here!

What it means here is an honest, reliable and well, a very frank service!

What better than all those qualities? How about 5 Free Gifts just for signing up?

Thats right, not one, not two, not three, not even four, but a whopping five gifts to get you started!


This means when you sign up you can really get to grip with what Frank Casino has on offer!

Don’t feel pressured either to choose just one, as you can use each and every one as you go along!

That means Cashback, Free Spins, a Cash Deposit Match, Double Franks and Free Franks for you to use one by one as you go.

I'm sure you are a now thinking, what are Franks?

Franks are the currency of the casino, which you can exchange to make bets, get bonuses, free spins or turn into real money! Whatever you rather! 

They can be earnt by making bets on any of your favorite games and then redeemed later on.

Effectively, they are a point system which can be redeemed for rewards.

However,  don’t worry if you are still confused, they will give you 100 Franks to get you started and so you can see for yourself how they work.

Once you get hang on them, you can take further advantage of this clever and innovative system by gaining Double Franks in your choice of game. With this you should be able to get a handsome Frank balance stacked up and start enjoying the benefits of them sooner rather than later!

Whilst you work out the system, why not get involved in some Free Spins? 175 of them in fact, and start testing out all the great slot games they have on offer!

They have loads to choose from, both new and old, with some Jackpots reaching hundreds of thousands of pounds, so there is some really life changing money on offer here and those 175 Spins are a sure fire way to get started!

All this already and there is still more perks left!

If you kick things off with a spot of bad luck on this site, they don't want you have to any hard feelings toward them and so they will be willing to give you some of your cash back!

Simply activate the bonus and then you will eligible to get some funds back, which will be a superb way to soften the blow no doubt! It also allows you to get back on the horse and start winning some more of your cash back too!

Finally, if that isn't enough to tempt you in, then on top of all this great stuff, they will also give you a 100% Match on your first deposit up to £200!

So that means, on top of 175 Free Spins, 100 Franks Point, the opportunity to double your Frank points and a generous cashback offer, you can also double your money and kick all this of with £400 in account funds!

All this is with just your first offer from this very nice site!

With all this cool stuff available, it is sure to get your bow tie spinning and have you in your element with Franks Casino.


  • Join Frank Casino
  • Receive 100% Deposit Match Bonus
  • Receive 175 Free Spins
  • Receive 100 Frank Point
  • Double Frank Points
  • Cashback on lost funds
  • T&C’s apply

Get all this stuff now at Franks Casino!

24 sep 2017

Offer valid as of date published. T&Cs apply