Why should you attend the Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference?

Blockchain technology presents to the world a possibility of having seamless and instantaneous transactions that are secure and done anonymously. The blockchain technology also offers the possibility of an electronic currency such as Bitcoin, which can be used in executing transactions all over the world.

It's because of these endless possibilities that the blockchain technology presents that make tech enthusiasts and investors alike have a deep interest in this ever-evolving advancement. In this article, let us take a look at the need for anyone, who is an online gaming enthusiast, to attend these conferences.

Get to Learn About Application of Blockchain

The first and most important reason as to why people should attend the Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference is to learn. The world of gaming is evolving at a rapid rate and many of the gaming platforms are now adopting the use of Blockchain to facilitate money transfers to online gaming sites.

Attending the conference will give gamers an opportunity to learn how beneficial the use of this technology is to their online safety and in facilitating easy movement of funds. You will also get oriented on the use of blockchain applied systems that have been incorporated into the online gaming scene.

Proximity to everyone

Let's face it, Blockchain technology and Bitcoin is a global phenomenon. Thus at events like this, blockchain gurus, as well as newbies, meet and interact as they exchange ideas about the applications and improvement of this technology to suit the day to day activities.

The upcoming Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference is going to be held on an island, bang in the middle of the Medditerranean Sea: Malta! Enjoy attending this event on the 23rd of October, at one of Malta most prestigious venues - The Radisson Blu Resot & Spa, Golden Sands, situated in Mellieha.

Interact With Other Gamers

Nothing beats the knowledge shared by two gamers when it comes to exchanging ideas on how to rake in profits at the casino. In this conference, many gamers will get to interact with other pro gamers and who knows, one might get new insights that will help them hit the mega jackpot on their favorite gaming site.

This networking opportunity also opens people to a world of possibility that they might never get a chance to know if they spend that day at home. So all gamers should go online now, book their tickets and get ready to make new friends during the conference.

Listen to Notable Speakers

Attending the Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference gives gamers the opportunity to listen to industry leaders who are leading the pack when it comes to blockchain technology more so in the gaming industry.

This conference gives them the chance to talk to these leaders in person and ask questions and get answers instantly. This cannot be possible by watching their videos online. So make a decision today, and meet with the gaming fraternity in Malta and beyond.

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27 sep 2018

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